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Thread: Commenting as a guest/registered user

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    Commenting as a guest/registered user

    Every time I want to leave a comment when a new chapter is up, I have to post as a guest cause if I try with my account (entering my username, email & password), this appears:

    The e-mail address you specified is already in use. (Do you already have an account?)

    I know it's probably some very stupd problem but.. heelp what i'm doing wrong?

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    I'm pretty certain I know your problem.
    Let me guess, you chose pick a name right?
    If so that's your problem.
    You have to choose sign in with DisQS or whatever it is called
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    Yup! If you have a Disqus account, you have to click on the blue D icon Name:  1.png
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Size:  10.3 KB that I've circled in red.

    Note that it's not the same information as your forum name, but a separate Disqus account.

    Hope that helps ^^

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    have same issues lol
    but if i do not have? account on Disqus thing/
    i sign with fb or what?

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