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Thread: Contestant [AuroraColors]

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    Contestant [AuroraColors]

    Artwork name: Undecided

    I decided to join again after a while because of winter break~
    Although I didn't finish the work, I decided to post this because I noticed my guy was becoming more and more feminine with every mouse stroke...
    I wanted your opinions in whether to leave it be, or to make him a girl! Also, constructive criticism is always welcome!

    Thank you for your help!~


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    Hm, I like it so far and yes, you are right, it is difficult to tell, if he is a guy or a girl. But if you are going to express the idea of water spirit or water creature or something similar, it might be even better with a concept like that, since water as element doesn't have gender. It is hard for me to tell something more definite, since I don't know the whole idea, sorry ^^;
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    deity is genderless...? so, it's already a strong base where's da finished version now?
    wait, what?

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    Omg, no need to say sorry! I didn't really have a story, but your idea is really great! I actually didn't know what to make him/her be doing, but you gave me a great idea :D
    Thanks a bunch!

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    That's the idea I'm going for after reading the feedback (great idea since I'm not really creative, I would've never thought of that haha)
    thanks~, but you'll have to wait heh, I'm a really slow person

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    Aw, such a beautiful face ♥ !

    Flowing and moving like the sea : how lovely !

    (madimb is still waiting for the finished picture, one day ... ~)
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