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    Nilani [Project Divide]

    Year 2027, the start of a disaster happens. After 6 years of running away, Niccolo Rossi, a dangerous war criminal once again faces his horrid past. He was once the leader of one of the most atrocious project, Project divide. The project that split the world without notice and killed millions of people. The project that was supposed to be the solution for the wars between criminals and innocents. Now as he faces this problem, his daughters and step-son all follow him to complete what he had started. The cure.

    Word count:4545 words
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    Project Divide

    Niccolo Rossi, a brilliant man with a special talent with building AI's, Nanotechnology, and also Medical equipment. His life started out humbly as a college student trying to just study, like any other people, unaware of what came in by the following year, The Great Divide between criminals and normal people. The criminals, the root of all evil, came and invaded our normal lives including this brilliant man. They killed his w-

    Rossi quickly pressed the off button on the screen,completely disgusted by these words.
    What Brilliant man? He thought angrily as his hand clenched into a fist. His hand started to shake as he controlled his temper, he didn't want to destroy the only library. After all it was a neutral territory between all gang and criminal in the area. With small soft breaths, Rossi quenched his fiery temper and chose another book that was on the screen. Most of the titles seemed fine until he read the summaries.
    All the same.
    All the same.

    Rossi sighed and turned off the computer by sliding his finger on the slender screen. He unclenched his fists, which were red and throbbing for being in that position for a long time. With his other hand now free, Rossi picked up the clear, plastic card attached to the machine and went up to the front desk. There a young man in about his twenties stood behind the desk. The man had a hard steely cold look but within that look was fear. Fear of his surroundings, the criminals, the evil masterminds that come in and out.

    "Is there anything you need?"He asked Rossi as he turned his head towards him. Rossi flinched, he felt sorry for the guy. After all this man was used to comfort living at the east and because of his crimes he was sent here.
    "Give me access to the Tomes,"Rossi replied without any hesitation, he knew he couldn't do anything to help the guy.
    "Identification?"The young man asked, his voice seemed to crack for a second. Rossi watched as the young man gulped and looked at Rossi warily.
    "Need a cough drop?"Rossi asked as he looked at the young man with a slight concern written in his face. The man nodded quickly, looking very vulnerable and scared as he accepted the cough drop from Rossi and quickly ate it.
    "Thank you,"the man whispered and gave Rossi a discreet small smile of gratitude. Rossi nodded and also smiled back.
    "I'll be back,"the young man said softly. It seemed that what Rossi had did eased the man's fears.
    He soon came back with a silver key that had a clood red shiny ruby at it's top center.
    "Here's the key sir,"the young man said and gave it to Rossi.
    "Thanks,"Rossi cheerfully said as he grabbed the key and strode towards the door in the back of the library. With a quick and fluid motion, Rossi opened the door with the key. The door creaked and the light from the library lit up the dark and dusty room filled with shelves of tomes.

    Rossi grinned and breathed in the musty, earth smell coming from the tomes. There was no robotic voice that welcomed you and there was no pesky DNA identification machine next to the door. He pushed the door wide open and touched the walls for the light switch.
    "Hn...where,"he murmured silently to himself. Finally he felt the slender plastic touch of the light switch and flipped it upwards. With a small electric buzz, the lights came on in a flickering order.
    "Ah that's better,"A voice said from one of the shelves. Rossi stiffened, recognizing this voice.
    "Viper,"Rossi said, with disgust filling his voice. "What are you doing here?"
    A tall slender woman with bright red hair and pale skin stepped out from behind the shelves. Her black clothing seemed to contrast against her red shining hair.
    "Business my dear friend,"Viper calmly said.
    "I have no business with you,"Rossi hissed angrily. "Now get out."
    Viper smiled slyly, like a fox.
    "Oh I have business Mr. Head of the Project Divide,"Viper said, her words like pure silk.
    Rossi flinched, he hated this. He hated how his past contained so much guilt and regret from doing what he did.
    "Millions of people wo-"Viper continued but was interrupted.
    "Shut up,"Rossi angrily said, his voice raising slightly. "What do you want you wench?"
    Viper smiled, finally having a look of satisfaction, what she would want, she would get.
    "Come back,"Viper seriously said, her venomous smile disappearing and her face scrunching up in seriousness.
    "Refused,"Rossi replied without hesitation. "Now get out."
    "But,"Viper protested. Rossi just pointed at the door with no emotion in his face.
    Viper sighed and took out a small picture of the edge of earth where the obsidian protected the borders of earth and prevented it from crumbling down and endangering the people, she put it in front of his face.
    "Help us,"She said, desperation clear in her voice. Rossi froze, immediately, he put down his hand back to his sides and took the picture from her grasp. With a shaking hand, he looked closer at the picture and immediately found out why there was a desperation.
    "What have they been doing?!"Rossi angrily shouted. Viper flinched and immediately took a deep breath.
    "They wanted to get resources like gold and diamonds from the core,"Viper replied, slightly shaking.For her, Rossi had changed, he used to be a quiet guy with a girly attitude but now he seemed intimidating. This was not the same Rossi she knew before.
    "Oh don't tell me they want me to find a way to get them,"Rossi said sarcastically, the venom very much evident in his voice.
    "No,"Viper replied, pretty much in shock. "They want you to fix it.."
    "I'm not a handyman,"Rossi replied, rolling his eyes. "Tell them this, this is their own problem, it's easy to repair even without me."
    "But.."Viper replied. Rossi coldly went passed her and took out one of the tomes in the shelves. Viper frowned slightly and looked over to Rossi, she could tell. Losing his wife and also getting all this pressure from the governments were taking a toll on him.
    "What are you doing right now?"Viper asked, as she took a look at the title of another tome in the shelf.
    Rossi didn't answer, he was too concentrated on the book that he was reading. Viper smiled slightly and went out.

    "Sir it was a complete failure,"Viper said from her earpiece, as she left the library. "I'm sorry but he's a hard man to convince...You know it i-"
    Viper was cut off by the glint near her throat.
    "Hey Sis we got some cool prey here~"A voice behind her cheerfully said. Viper raised an eyebrow and quickly elbowed the person behind her until she heard a groan of pain. With a thin smile, Viper kicked the person in front of her that was about to attack her.
    "Well who are you?"Viper asked as she faced her attackers, they were both teenage girls, Viper recoiled slightly in shock.
    "Your both children!"Viper exclaimed, both girls looked at each other and shrugged.
    "Like we care,"One of them said.
    "It's normal here,"the second added. "Plus papa encourages it."
    "Your father is an insane person,"Viper said with a groan of frustration, she didn't know that these two were the daughters of the man she was trying to convince come back to the government. "By the way what are your names?"
    "Violet,"the first one replied, she seemed much more mature than two.
    "I'm Viola,"the second replied with an impish grin.
    Viper sighed and just nodded politely before quickly turning around to go the sleek black hover that she had parked right beside the library.
    "Ah by the way,"Viola shouted, Viper flinched and turned around to face the two girls. "You haven't told us your name yet."
    "It's Viper,"she replied. "You kids need to go home by the's nearly dark."
    "Were waiting for Papa,"Violet calmly said. Viper sighed and looked up at the ashen gray sky. The clouds were ominously forming into huge groups.
    Viper pointed upwards and said,"You see those clouds?"
    Violet and Viola both looked up the same time. They both gasped as they saw the clouds forming.
    "We should have heard the signal,"Viola said, her pitch getting slightly higher. Viper nodded as she also took a look upwards on where the clouds were forming.
    "But....Papa,"Violet said, desperation evident in her voice. Viper shook her head, she never knew this town had any obsidian rain.
    "It's started,"Viper softly said to herself. The obsidian was obviously a sign, a disaster was coming.
    "Get inside!"A voice shouted to them, Viper blinked and looked down back to what was in front of her. There was Rossi, with his spectacles clouded as he stood out there.
    The wind was starting to pick up really quickly.
    "Hurry!"Rossi shouted, the two girls obeyed and Viper hesitated. "Viper get inside now!"
    Viper shook her head, her hair whipping around her face from the wind.
    "This is the price we pay,"Viper shouted back with a crazed grin. She quickly to the opposite direction then disappeared from Rossi's sight. Rossi gritted his teeth, there was nothing he could do to stop Viper from doing what she wanted.
    "Get inside,"Rossi said to the two girls. Both nodded and went inside, Rossi stayed a bit longer out in his perch, enough to see the black sludge rain down upon them. Soon he went back in then jumped back out into the rain.
    "What sort of idiot are you Viper!"Marco shouted as the obsidian rain started to stick into his skin. He could see Viper running towards the screaming people panicking outside. Marco groaned in frustration as he forced himself to run too.

    Marco grinned at the net-sign he had just spent his entire night on working.
    The divide project and the government are to blame. Look at them, fat as pigs while we starve.
    That was what it said and it made Marco proud to just look at it. After all it was made with what he had earned from last week's wage.
    "Nice sign Marco,"A voice said behind him. Marco jumped slightly out of surprise and turned around. There was Violet Rossi, one of the famed devil twins.
    "Ah thanks Vio,"Marco said with a proud grin. Violet smiled and went over to him with with a cup of hot coffee.
    "Whoa what's this?"Marco asked as he looked at the cup of coffee in fascination.
    "It's called coffee,"Violet replied with a slightly stiff smile. "Dad says that it used to be a very well known drink, I say it tastes like gritty coal."
    "Can I try it?"Marco asked, Violet gratefully nodded and handed the cup to him. Marco looked down at the dark liquid and sniffed slightly.
    "It smells good,"Marco said with a small smile then took a sip. In his mouth the flavor of the coffee exploded in his tastebuds.
    "You think it's good?"Violet asked with disgust evident in her voice.
    "Of course,"Marco replied with a grin, he loved to see Violet get disgusted. "I have more energy and it feels so smooth.."
    "It's coal you 'diot,"Violet scoffed. "It's bad coal."
    "Oh come on,"Marco cheerfully said, he felt the drink into his veins and wake him up fully. "It's not that bad.."
    Violet just hmphed and crossed her arms. Marco grinned and drank the entire cup in a matter of seconds.
    "That's some good drink,"Marco said, satisfied. "I should ask your dad where and how he makes this."
    "I'd be happy to tell you,"A voice said. Marco turned around and smiled. Compared to Marco, Rossi was a tall man, still too handsome. His cheek had a scar that looks like a blade wound but his grey hair still shimmered in the sun.
    "Ah Hey Rossi,"Marco said cheerfully. "And really?"
    Rossi nodded, a small smile emerged from his lips. Beside him another tall man in a black suit and slicked back blonde hair silently stood beside him.
    "Hey,"Marco said, his friendly smile now going towards the man.

    The man just nodded at his direction with a small smile. Rossi's smile grew bigger, it had been three years since he had hired this silent man.
    "Is being an assassin working out?"Marco asked. The tall blonde man looked at Marco with a bit of confusion, after all he was in the younger generation where the old words didn't apply to him.
    Marco noticed and asked again, "You like being a bloodletter?"
    The tall young man nodded, his eyes cloudy with trouble and doubt.
    "Your not a bloodletter,"Rossi said with a sigh as soon as he noticed where this conversation was going. "And Marco, don't tease the guy.."
    Marco chuckled, an evil grin showing his sharp, pearly teeth, was revealed. He knew full well that this man didn't like being called a bloodletter. The man was only a body guard for Rossi and that was only it. Marco recalled that Rossi had rescued this guy three years ago when the obsidian rain started.
    "So where are you heading to?"Marco asked, suddenly noticing the suitcase in Rossi's hand.
    "Business,"Rossi replied. "Very important business."
    "With only one body gaurd?"Marco asked, confused.

    Rossi smiled and nodded. Most of Rossi's trips were private of course, during those times things have only gotten slightly better. Marco figured that it was probably because of three years ago. After all before that, Rossi was going around with no body gaurds at all. He was a carefree man three years ago, but now, he was a serious man with a dark miasma surrounding him when he concentrated on something.
    "Ah by the way,"Rossi said, interrupting Marco's train of thought.
    "What is it?"Marco asked as he got out of the temptation to close his eyes. The coffee's effect was starting to immediatly die down.
    "If anything happens to me, then go to the library and ask for a worker named Viper."
    "How would I know?"
    "A red flash from your pod."
    "My pod?..Did you..?"
    "Yes, but we shouldn't discuss this right now.."
    "But my pod..."
    "Forget about the Freakkin pod!"
    "Y-yes sir."
    "Now listen closely Marco, I'm only telling you this once."

    Marco nodded and tightened his mouth so he wound't speak out. After all this was Rossi that was in front of him. The Rossi that had formed one of the largest organization in just years and also had a place as the third in the top 10 most wanted list.
    "When you see the Red signal you must tell this to Viper,"Rossi seriously said. "You must have my children with you when you see her. They have something that might be of importance to your uprising."
    Marco looked at Rossi with disbelief, this was the man that disliked his ideas in the first place.
    "What do you mean?"Marco asked, shocked.
    "You know what I mean,"Rossi said. "My hope in the government was lost when the previous leader died of a heart attack. You have my support."
    Marco was still frozen in shock, this was too much. Too many questions raced inside his head. Rossi sighed as he noticed this and quickly took out a small pod, it's roundish shape and also flat screen glinted in the sunlight. On it it was a small little net-card that was attached to the side.
    "This is all my data for project divide,"Rossi said. "I'm sorry Marco...I know it's my fault for all this mess..But I also don't need to lose my children."

    Marco looked down at the shiny device then back up at Rossi. More shock entered into his body, then there was betrayal. This man, who had made such a reputation, made a lot of connections, built trust in him. He was a stinking government man, a puppet of the government, the one who had started all this suffering. His temper rose and before he could even think, he took the device and threw it at the ground with all his might, smashing it into bits.
    Violet watched with no emotion, in the inside, she was uneasy. Uneasy to see Marco's Red cheeks and angry face, uneasy to see him smash her father's work into pieces. Violet watched as her father calmly just stood there, with no emotion on his face.

    "There were reasons why I didn't support you,"Rossi coldly said after Marco had calmed down and realized what he had done. "It looks like you are still too young and rash to even be considered."
    Marco froze, and felt hurt as if he were slapped in the face. To have been told that he was useless, to think that Rossi had doubts. Marco felt very confused now, his feeling swirled inside of him like a storm.
    "Dad,"Violet finally said. "There might be some hope in him...please..let us stay."
    Rossi looked at his daughter and smiled slightly. She was sharp, she had always been sharp, he knew that Violet had a great potential. In his daughter, he saw hope, hope for even him. It was too late for him to hope though, Rossi had to pay the price, for Viper and also for the people around him.
    "Take care of your siblings then,"Rossi replied sternly. "Remember, you might not have a father but your friends are family now."
    Violet nodded, fully understanding what he had meant. She took Marco by his hand and lead him away while he was still dumbstruck. The blonde man looked over to Rossi, Rossi just shook his head and pointed his head towards the black hover on the road. The blonde man nodded and quickly went towards it. Rossi turned around and face the place where he had lived in. The tall black buildings and shops, the people all slouching in the walls and also the more prominent leaders all walking that savy walk. Near the shops were silver colored droids and also nurses with metallic arms.
    "Must be nice to be alive,"Rossi said as he turned around and walked towards the black hover.

    Marco had spent days in his apartment thinking. He refused to meet Violet or even talk with her, after all she the daughter of that traitor. He also refused to go to the usual meetings and even turned off his news caster which was attached to the wall. Marco was in denial. Moreover he was like a kid in a tantrum, by the way he had locked himself up and even barely talked to anyone related to Rossi.
    Violet sighed as she looked towards the closed door. She looked down to the golden amulet that her father had given her for her fifth birthday. Violet opened the amulet with her fingernail and took out the small little glass chip. She took a look at it and placed it back in, closing the amulet Silently without making a sound,Violet took out a small little chip from her hair pin and placed it on the digital lock.
    She entered in and looked at the bed where Marco layed. With a sigh, she took out a gun, aimed then shot.

    Rossi looked out the window of the craft. Below him was a huge clean city with many lights that seemed to make it look like the sun. Another sight welcomed him and with familiarity.
    The Eiffel tower, filled with lights and also flowers of many colors around it.
    "Sir we're almost there,"the blond man calmly said. Rossi absentmindedly nodded, he was too absorbed in remembering the trip to France when he was just a child. The air was fresh, the day was bright, and also there very many people who were of all cultures. Such a variation back then was very delightful, Rossi just wished he didn't take it for granted.
    "Get me my gun,"Rossi ordered to the blonde man, he nodded and went away to get the gun. Rossi took a last look of the tower and got up from his seat.
    "Your gun,"the blonde man said with a very calm face and gave the gun to Rossi. Rossi looked at the gun, a regular pistol with a bullet that could kill a whole town. He opened the bullet barrel and looked up to see his guard pointing another gun at him.
    Rossi smiled and tossed the gun away to his seat.
    "I don't think you would want to do that,"Rossi calmly said, a grin now spread across his face. Rossi could feel the adrenaline pumping inside him. Sweat started to appear on his skin, yet he was very calm. The blonde man put the the gun and handed it to Rossi.
    "Just checking,"he softly said. Rossi nodded, he understood. In this world, there are impostors everywhere. The decline in population and lack of babies every month has started that. To clone a single boy and then have that clone populate. When the original would die, then the clone would overtake his life. Everyone in this time was cloned, all except the those who refuse to be cloned.
    "You know I never got myself cloned,"Rossi casually said with a a small smile. He picked up a small cup of coffee from the small cup holder and looked up at the blonde man who seemed to be very ashamed.
    "Ah right...sorry,"He mummbled softly. Rossi could see the red color start to cover his face.
    "It's about time to give you a name,"Rossi said suddenly changing the subject.
    "Of course, you can't be called blonde man forever."
    "Eh....But it doesn't really matter."
    "Of course it does. Your name is a badge."
    "..I don't need a name.."
    "Oh how about skylar?"
    "Boss!! I-....ah that's good actually.."
    "Good from now on, your skylar!"
    Skylar felt a warmth rush in him, he had never felt so good and proud to have a name. Rossi smiled a bit and sat back down at his seat.
    "Get back to work Skylar,"Rossi said. Skylar nodded and forced away that warmth feeling, for now there was no need for feelings in this situation.

    Marco woke up feeling a lot of pain and seeing nothing but darkness. Where was he? He didn't know, but his whole body ached with being in the same position for so long. Marco stood up and inwardly panicked. There was something crucial that he forgot but he couldn't remember. He scanned his entire memory and froze, suddenly remembering.
    "Who am I?"He asked himself in the utter darkness. He couldn't remember his name, not a single letter also to make him remember. Marco panicked and quickly stumbled around. Names were everything, they always were.
    "Calm down,"A voice boomed in the darkness. Marco froze and looked around, confused, finally he understood and calmed himself by counting and taking deep breaths. After the 25th breath, he finally calmed down enough to notice what advantage he had. Thanks to the darkness, his sense of hearing was better and all he could hear were scratching noises. Suddenly it dawned on him that these were note scratching noises made by human hands but by some animal with claws.
    "They're called chickens by the way," the voice calmly said, the sound of the voice echoing through the walls.
    "Chickens?"Marco asked, confused.
    "Oh right you don't know,"The voice replied. "Chickens were animals that produced eggs, they were also birds."
    Marco blinked, surprise, the voice. It was at a higher pitch and also sounded very much comforting. Then a small light bulb lit up in his head.
    "Viola?"Marco asked hesitantly.
    "Correct~"the voice cheerfully said. Suddenly there was a clack and the lights came on. Marco saw a white light that then died down to a look at his surroundings.All around him were chickens all silent but scratching at the ground. Marco watched in fascination as the chickens started to cluck, the clucks building up and echoing in the room.
    "Your fascinated aren't you,"Viola said, Marco could imagine her smirking at that moment.
    "I'm not,"Marco said in defiance, his old anger once again swelling up back in his chest.
    "Oh please,"Viola said with a small chuckle. "Marco you are way too easy to read. Your angry aren't you? Angry at our father. Angry that your trapped here now."
    "I am not!"Marco angrily shouted then closed his mouth.
    "See?"Viola calmly replied. "Now Me and my sister want a deal with you since you won't cooperate so easily."

    Marco felt himself shiver as Viola mentioned the word deal. Deals in the wastelands were like contracts, break it and the other with whom you have made the contract with has the right to kill you or subject you to torture. The twins were especially famous for their ruthlessness when it comes to broken deals though.
    "What is it?"Marco asked hesitantly.
    "Oh it's just simple,"Viola said with what Marco imagined with a huge evil smirk on her face. "Just come with us to Nirvana and then get Dad out."
    Marco suddenly felt his his grow cold and his hands go stiff with cold sweat. Nirvana, what they had called the once called country called Paris.
    "Why Nirvana?"Marco asked, his voice trembling slightly.
    "Because Nirvana is where it all started,"Viola replied calmly. "Where my mother died and where Dad build the mess. And also where the old government is staying."
    "But it's filled with patrollers!"Marco exclaimed.

    It was true of course, Nirvana was the top country that had zero crime. It's security was very ruthless even it's system. A criminal would be suicidal or crazy if they would commit crime there. Marco shivered as he thought about the pictures they had been shown when one of the great gang leaders died in that country. But if Rossi went there then that would mean it was something so big that it would cause him to go in one of the most hellish place for criminals just to meet with the old government. Marco felt a throb from his chest.
    It was guilt. Guilt that he had abandoned this man who he realize now had helped him multiple times. The man who gave the community around them a chance to have a slice of peace and normal life.
    "Deal,"Marco said after a minute's worth of thinking. Suddenly there was a huge whoosh from a door opening from behind him. Marco turned around to see Violet with a huge warm smile on her face.
    "Ready?"She asked as she handed him the golden locket with the chip inside it. "You'll need that chip to hack into the main system of the security."
    Marco grinned, adrenaline starting to run in his veins thawing out that cold chill he had recieved from earlier.
    "The fun's about to begin,"Violet chirped happily. "Time to start healing even if it takes a hundred years."

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    liked very much the idea of the story when i read the summery but most happens through dialogue
    i love having dialogue in the story but felt something was missing or the text being all in one "piece" without space between some fragments
    in rest nice job

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    Thanks..actually I did put some spacing... Now I fixed it though, thank you so much for pointing it out..I didn't see that so that helped a lot.
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    no problem
    much better for the eye now

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    Obsidian rain sounds pretty sharp.
    To shoot her best friend with a tranquilizer...that girl seems to be rather ruthless.
    Her daddy must be proud.

    Do you plan to write a continuation?
    I would like to read what exactly happened to "divide" the world.

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    I'm glad you like it Kuma..Ah yeah I do plan on continuing since this since this is a re-write of something I did last year. Ah yeah Violet is so cruel, should probably make her even more crueler though.

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    dany likes cruel characters and crazy

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