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Thread: July / August 2014 Zodiac [Kumadimb]

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    Sailor Hein

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    Aaaaaw, thank you Elder-nim, we are so glad you enjoyed our new tactic to subject the whole world to Union's benevolent aegis ♥ (next time, I'll be sure to drag tragic as well, as honorary ingredi--*cough*, I mean guest ♪ ) ! By daily defeating our Nemesis the villai--aher, the "good guys", for sure our troops' spirit is going to hit the ceiling ♫ (and Superferret are full of supernutrients ♥ ! Muahahaha, I'll be the one to remain to serve Elder-nim, in the end !!!)

    Dear beloved, Amazing Zombie !
    Thank you, thank you, if you take the loyalty card you can even join freely the Union as test subject (I know, I know ~)... And have a little discount !

    Thanks a lot, Mum !
    A good meal is always even better shared, but oh well *throws a big slice of victory to Kuma ♥ ~*

    God-sama ! I'm so happy you're here to propose us your own body as dessert ♥ !

    Mistress is such an distinguished lady : no talking while eating ♥ ! Obviously, you shall always be welcome ♥ !

    And my dear Moomoo, aw ... That's wonderful ! Because, actually, you are of course
    totally off the mark !

    Argh, but why are you all always trying to blow off my cover of "nice person" by listing my slave-driver's accomplishments ?!!

    More seriously, since you seem to care about the history : first, a rather long time ago, Kuma shared that picture of the M-21 cookie she made and bribed Someone Mighty with ... When I read this Zodiac rules, I straight away remembered about it !
    But it was quite a lot of work for me alone, and most importantly the idea was not entirely mine to begin with, so I suggested Kuma a collaboration. And here we go ~

    We each made a dish per category (I leave apart the M-21, made a while ago).
    For the textual parts, Kuma being a better writer than me, wrote the majority of it (yes, the poem is evidently hers xD) - though Erro helped us quite a bit with the poem and I nagged & suggested very much, so I believe it's now really a collaborative work.
    Since I am able to use French and we thought it'll make more "grande cuisine", I translated, and Kuma finalized the page setting.
    It's kind of obvious, but I drew two doodles, therefore Kuma three (♪ let's adopt a Yuri, yay ♥ !)... *Sob*, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but even if envious, I'm luckily not yet to the point to sign "Kuma" on my own drawings ...

    Anyway, to sum up, a lot of fun, truly ♫ !
    Otherwise, if I may dare : Tao's a rebellious children, always the fringe on the eyes (arrr, I can't bear people like that ) ! We found out Tao's mouth was called "gooseberries" in English : Dr Aerith has such a good taste, truly ♥ !
    I'm glad you enjoyed it so much !
    Last edited by madimb; 09-12-2014 at 09:22 PM. Reason: Tao's being rebellious *grumbl* !
    Pooping flowers, throwing up roses
    Strange bloomers, my darling tuberoses ~

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    We dig you!
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    d1r31, thank you. Superferrets taste sharp like chili. It would just make the dishes even more delicious.

    HiKou, you are very welcome to join and eat, if you help with the dishes afterwards.

    SevenSeven, the more the merrier. At least there is no lack on 3-D Noblesse folk in this contest.
    Catches the flying victory and puts chili on it...
    Freaky, leave a bit of Seira for the rest too.

    Cursa, of course. It's enough for everyone.
    The buffet is always open. It's self-service, though.
    So, you must come and fetch it.

    Mooney, sorry for making you feel teased sooo long.


    Indeed, I did sign my doodles, besides the resto-sign with KK.
    Still, I am honored that my doodles were guessed as Mastertroll-works.
    In short, the doodles for the entrees and the desserts are from madimb.
    The resto-sign, plats, and the bon-appetit picture are made by me.

    For the dishes, that was team-work as well.
    It would have been a waste of madimbs manifold talents to do it elsewise.
    She made the most important plate of all for startes: Rai!
    As well as Takeos and Seiras delicious counterfeits.

    My work are Regis, Frankenstein, Tao and the M-21 cookie from long, long ago.

    Like my Lord explained, the poem was dilletantish written by me, polished until it sparkled by Erro and spiced from madimb.
    For the foreign words, I think every language has some unique words which describe certain issues better than every other language. Or in a better sound. French is "the" language for food in my opinion.
    Look at the headlines for example. Entrées are called "kalte Platte" in german or starter / appetizer in english.
    It just has a more promising ring to it.
    Generally, I like to use words which I like in my poems, irrespective from the language.
    I hope in the worst case it teaches the reader a new phrase.
    So, since its a poem about food it includes french words like "À la carte".

    I made the first draft for the table with the poetic recipes and throwed color ackordingly to the character of the...uhm...Characters.
    The goal was to make kind of a pseudo-rainbow, but well....M-21 would not be suited by anything but grey, yes?
    The texts were written by the one who made the matching dish.
    The (Ramen-)shirt-joke seemed so obviously fitting, that I decided that Rai has the last word in the Franken-recipe.
    Reflects the fictive reality rather well, yes?

    Sooooo....I will not even try to start to explain how we came on the ideas, since the trolling conquered more then 40 g-doc sides.
    Just imagine us running wild, laughing like mad and giggle about food-puns.
    Ok, maybe one example...
    I insisted on Rai being a hot plate, you maybe remember....some certain Redhair during the masquerade had to discuss the matter of Rai being hot (with agony) with some fangirls.
    Now the proof is here: RAI IS HOT!

    Other things came to mind while working.
    How to make DS? With onions obviously, since he stings!

    I am not sure if it was smoked Salmon for Regis face, probably rather pickled in salt.
    For the flowers in Tao's hair, this are two daisies and a clover blossom.
    Don't you think daisies suit his personality very well?

    I was very impressed with the organisation-talent of my beloved slave-driver.
    Madimb brought diligently order in the chaos of ideas and shaped our entry in the actual fom.

    Erro was also a very big help.
    I am a big conglomerate of blunders, when it comes to grammar.

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    Kinda split into two replies but slightly merged. ^^

    Wild Thing,

    Tease. ;P XD
    Because you make such a good slave-driver? *innocent/Cheshire grin* (XD *grin* ♥)

    *grins* That cookie does seem to be ended up in all sorts of places. Wasn't it originally for Liska's 'birthday', Kuma?
    Hmm so Wild Thing was the one to put the ideas together ♥ did you come up with the idea of the restaurant from when you first saw the 3D idea? :) (You mentioned it being a 'lot of work' so it sounds like you were planning something big from the beginning...? :)

    *chuckles* Collaboration, and your names just happened to fit together perfectly, I wonder who figured that out? XD :)

    For the textual parts, Kuma being a better writer than me, wrote the majority of it
    *hits Wild Thing lightly over the head* ♥

    *grins* Thanks for the background :) and you managed to get Erro to help you guys write a poem? XD

    Hmm yeah as Kuma mentions French is generally considered the 'language of food' even here we tend to know the odd word in regards to food. (gets a mental image of Ratatouille (movie) XD)

    *chuckles* Actually I had kinda considered the idea Kuma had drawn some but wasn't sure, now that I know what to look for (with the help of the signatures) I can tell the drawings apart since it's a slightly different style. Although I think that's what confused me the entire time I was reading or admiring the pictures was you two have such a similar noblesse humor these days. XD Everything that once screamed Wild Thing to me I now have to remind myself that Kuma could be saying too. XD (Since I am unfortunately not familiar enough with Kuma's personal style to be able to pick it out yet. -.- ^^)

    outside of inner spoilers~

    *laughs* Sure looks like it. XD *smiles*

    rofl, I'll just be incredibly amused with that since I swore away with fringes years ago. XD (Although my avatar debatably has a side fringe. XD)

    Gooseberries..? *looks up* they look different...ah they're red gooseberries(?) ^^ They kinda looked they have hard shells in the Tao picture but it seems they really have soft shells interesting to know. ^^

    *smiles and hugs* ♥

    'Tao's being rebellious *grumble* '

    Back in review mode~
    In regards to the characters I like the extra attention you went to, to get items that represented the characters to go around them. One thing that does bother me about Seira and Rai is that while they have great detail I find them a bit blank, since there isn't a lot of expression in their faces. Perhaps if you'd curved the mouths a bit more, had the eyebrows a bit more obvious to help with expression, or had a bit more control over the shape of the eyes it may have helped I'm not sure. Those two are generally in control of their expression so it would probably be hard regardless but perhaps if you'd identified an action or emotion for their 'self portrait' it would have helped? Maybe you could also try playing around with the colour scheme a bit as well have Seira and her white hair against a larger different colored plate or something? Ahem just throwing around ideas in the hope you might find them helpful. ^^ Still I think you did an amazing job and I liked the clever details like Seira's necktie and Rai's earring (kinda wonder what it's made of something like mayonnaise or icing?). Plus things like the contrast between cool pear of Rai's face and his hot eyes amuse me. XD *smile*


    *laughs and pats comfortingly* It's okay I'm just getting amusement about teasing you two about teasing me. ;) XD *smile* Actually it was kinda fun like one of those games where you have to figure out who lives in what house with what animal (name, house, animal) where you use the information available to figure out the right answer eg. You made Tao so once I knew you had both made one each that meant Wild Thing made Takeo. ^^

    >Unfortunately doesn't tend to take much notice of signatures, whoops. XD

    *chuckles* Well I was rather impressed with the last one, I totally thought the 'Aerith was here' was something Wild Thing would do (While having her slave and smiling bucket and mop in the background. ♥ XD) You're picture has you as the slave with Wild Thing at the front while Wild Thing's has you as the superhero and her at the back, it's kinda amusing going back and looking at the differences now. XD :)

    Thanks for the update ^^ and I assume by 'resto-sign' you mean restaurant sign? ^^ I haven't seen it spelt that way before. :) Also I really like the decorate aspect of the sign. ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuma View Post
    For the dishes, that was team-work as well.
    It would have been a waste of madimbs manifold talents to do it elsewise.
    *chuckles* To true. XD
    She made the most important plate of all for startes: Rai!

    Thanks for the rundown of who made what in such an amusing manner. XD *smiles*

    *smiles* Well at least that explains my confusion reading the poem, it just didn't seem to 'sit right' in terms of trying to figure out who wrote it until finally I decided to go out on a limb and guess Wild Thing because of the French. XD
    Hmm yep as I mentioned above I agree with you in regards to French being the 'language of food'. Although my thinking was it's harder to write poetry with words you're not familiar with due to the rhythm hence incorrect conclusion of Wild Thing. XD But I guess you're desire to use words you like irrespective of the language kinda explains that one. :) Still well done all three of you. ^^
    *chuckles* Well it taught me "À la carte" since I'm more familiar with things like 'bon appétit'. XD *smile*

    *smile* I like the changing colours so I thought it worked well. :)
    *chuckles* Yep, M-21 couldn't really be himself in anything but grey expect perhaps black. XD

    Oh since I may have confused you earlier the reference to 'everything's in red' was me being amused by Rai's lines being in red since that's the colour I (Rai) used in google docs during the masquerade. I honestly didn't even notice the colour was the same till I got to the 'It's still my shirt line' so I was kinda hit with a double whammy of amusement. :D This then combined with an Anastasia quote I couldn't get out of my head when I went to tease Wild Thing hence the phrase 'everything's in red'. XD Still I'll just be even more amused if it was coincidence as your reference to Rai is hot suggests. XD (Although Rai only has about three colours to chose from, red, black and white, obviously two are almost immediately out of the question if you have a white back ground or using black as the 'plain' text.)

    *laughs* If it's anything like the masquerade in the docs I can well imagine it. XD
    *snorts with laughter*
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuma View Post
    I insisted on Rai being a hot plate, you maybe remember....some certain Redhair during the masquerade had to discuss the matter of Rai being hot (with agony) with some fangirls.
    Now the proof is here: RAI IS HOT!
    *is caught between bursting out with laughter and hiding* *Glad she had no idea about any of this during the masquerade or else her mind has graciously smoothed it over* Our Lord was bad enough when he tried to tease me about fangirls or was it Franky(?) once. XD
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuma View Post
    How to make DS? With onions obviously, since he stings!
    *chuckles* Now I have an image of a scorpion. XD

    So you guys just kinda threw around ideas for ingredients and ideas you didn't try to sketch the dish or something? or did you have the ideal image in your head? :)

    Hmm don't think I've ever actually had pickled salmon, well I guess that means Regis gets to keep his face while I admire him from afar since I have no idea what he'd taste like in reality. XD *smile*

    *giggles* Well I can certainly see him playing childish games like playing ring around the roses (the dark humor behind that is not unnoticed, random but first thing that springs to mind). Making daisy chains and basically getting on everyone's nerves. XD I can totally see him making daisy chains for M-21 while Takeo just puts up with his with long suffering acceptance/annoyance. XD

    *smiles* Yep she can be a life saver in organisation now we just have to convince her of that. ♥ ^^

    *idly wonders knocking both their heads together* You two are as bad as each other. XD ♥ :) ah well practice makes perfect and it seems you two are getting a lot of practice if your posts are anything to go by. :)

    Just a few more thoughts on the menu, Kuma I really liked the simplicity of the greenery and wooden boards in the background. Also while I felt Tao was kinda a difficult medium to convey emotions and that the gooseberries seemed a bit too high for the rest of the face. I really liked the expression on Regis and Franky and their plates and surroundings. :) Actually I like the plates for all of them with Tao it's kinda a lucky dip as to whether it's the plate, the strange berries or the character representation that has me so enthralled. XD

    Kinda said it before but whatever~ actually I know what people actually did now, so congrats to both of you on your awesome work! :) and good job to Erro for braving the poetry to help you. ;) :)
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