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Thread: Hitogatana / Downloads and Discussion

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    Hitogatana / Downloads and Discussion

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    Title: Hitogatana
    Genre: Action, Drama, Shounen,
    Reading Order:
    Right to left
    Author: Onigunsou
    Artist: Onigunsou
    Status in Country of Origin: 9 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Description: Crimes committed using manned combat-androids dubbed "Katana" run rampant.

    In an effort to maintain order, the government has organized the AKCD - "Anti Katana Crime Division."

    Togusa of the 8th squad of the AKCD, while holding existential doubts as a Human-Katana hybrid, continually casts himself into battle... (via Maigo scans)

    Project Status:

    Volume 5
    Chapter 21 > released
    Chapter 22 > released
    Chapter 23 > released
    Chapter 24 > released
    Chapter 25 > released
    Chapter 26 > released

    Volume 6
    Chapter 27 > released
    Chapter 28 > released

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    it's been about a couple of months so I am just wondering if you guys are dropping this series?

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    No, we're not. The next chapter is being typeset at the moment.

    If we drop a series, we always make an official announcement.
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