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    IRC commands

    I'm not very familiar with IRC commands. Could you review the commands necessary to list downloadable chapter/files for a series, and those necessary to d/l a chapter/file? Please overlook that this may be an obvious/dumb question, but I learned early in life that the dumbest questions are those you don't ask.


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    yo, random soul here, at your service

    the list of downloadable chapters in irc can be found here -> this link is written at the top part of #eg, if you missed it

    after you enter there, just click Easybot(under Bots) then click project name (under Projects), the list in the middle will show you all downloadable chapters. Just click the chapters, the page will give you the command to get that chapter from irc, something like: /msg EasyBot xdcc send #13
    paste that in your irc client, then enter. The file should be downloaded immediately

    more about how to configure the client can be found here

    addition: no, you don't need to worry about series title when you send xdcc command

    any question? ask away
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